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Alert rainstorm,

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Release date:2018/06/15

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In the rainstorm-prone season, more and more heavy rains will follow. The users of LED displays are again worried about our outdoor LED display.,In the ensuing rainy season, CLT displays will accompany you on the screen(safe).

LED electronic display is divided into indoor and outdoor, indoor display need moisture, outdoor display not only need moisture, but also waterproof。If the waterproof and moisture-proof work is not done well, it may easily cause a short circuit in the display screen, and serious fire may also be caused.If the waterproof and moisture-proof work is not done well, it may easily cause a short circuit in the display screen, and serious fire may also be caused.Therefore, in the season when heavy rain is faster than turning pages, waterproof and moisture-proof are the essential tasks for LED displays. Of course, it is more important to choose the right CLT screen.

Outdoor Talent series

Outdoor Talent series is stable and reliable, outdoor standard LED products, has a 960 * 960mm standardized cabinet, with dual patented module backup design, waterproof rating up to IP65, operating temperature between -10 ~ 60 °C.


Outdoor series C390R, support radian installation, hanging, fixed installation, floor protection design, and support two kinds of cabinets mixed waterproof rating up to IP65, at the same time, the working temperature is between -10 ~ 60 °C, fearless about the wind and rain .

The 2nd generation X-Board

Thin, light, intelligent, mobile, standard 156-inch LED large screen, ultra-thin (35mm) thickness, high-definition high-brush and high-gray, elegant simplicity, curved design, with all-weather protection technology, to achieve floodlights, moisture, anti-static, Radiation protection, wear-resisting, high-efficiency heat dissipation and other functions, among which the protection level is up to IP40, and the moisture-proof rating is between 10% and 90% without condensation. This is the best choice for commercial large screens.

The 2nd generation X-Poster

Fashion advertising, superior and outstanding, intelligent cluster management, 1200nits highlight adjustable, support for synchronous and asynchronous dual mode. Ultra-thin and ultra-thin (35mm thickness), supports a variety of installation and display methods. With all-weather protection technology, it can realize functions such as flood prevention light, moisture proof, antistatic, radiation protection, abrasion resistance, and high efficiency heat dissipation. Among them, the protection level is up to IP40 and the moisture proof level is 10%~90% without condensation.

H series

The world's first indoor-ready product that is easy to view, simple, lightweight, with complete front and rear maintenance and front mounting, excellent industrial design, visual back cover and internal wireless design, custom connectors, more stable, smarter and more transparent. Protection level up to IP40, moisture-proof grades from 10% to 90% without condensation.

CLT is a high-tech enterprise integrated in R&D, production, sales of LED displays, taking core values "integrity, innovation, excellence" as the guidance, we are striving to be world-class service provider for commercial displays!


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