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CLT New Outdoor LED Display Solution

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Release date:2020/01/14

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CLT Launches New Outdoor High IP Rating LED Display

As a leading global led display manufacturer, CLT has been always focusing on providing excellent led products and professional pro-sales and after-sales services. CLT launches the latest outdoor display solution TC Series and it will be exhibited at ISLE 2020(Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center, Feb 24-27) on booth 10-C01.

A new outdoor display solution without any shelter

  • Application scenarios
CLT ’s new TC series is the first led product launched in 2020 that has been specially designed to meet the growing demand for convenient outdoor display solution for outdoor advertising, entertainment, and much more.

  • Waterproof Design

High IP 65 protection rating. The module adopts the triple waterproof design of imitation automobile door-type double-layer negative pressure precision aging waterproof ring to achieve better protection effect. All-in-One           power and data access box is 100% water tight allowing for stable and reliable connections between each outdoor LED display cabinet. No other waterproof decorations are needed for the installation.

  • Standard Panel

The module size is 320x320mm. The panel size is 640x960mm. This standard panel is compatible with modules with different pixel pitches, which is convenient to maintain the panels and saves cost.

  • Installation

TC series products support front and rear installation. Three types can be chosen like wall mounting without structure, wall mounting with bracket and stacking installation, which makes it easy and quick to install the screen.

  • Maintenance

Front and rear serviceability allows for proper and easy service of outdoor screens. Please cut off the power supply before the maintenance. Then choose the easier way to remove the module or the system box you

want to change. The modules are fixed by 4 screws. And just take it off by removing the screws like the picture.

  • Weight

The plastic base and panel frame are made from flame retardant material with triangular reinforced cross design to reduce the weight and protect the modules. It is 15.3kg/panel, which supports more outdoor projects with limit            on weight.

  • Other features

Besides the features mentioned above, TC series is also characterized by other features like connection pin design, system box design, fanless natural heat dissipation and silent design, labyrinth waterproof design, above

5,500 nits adjustable brightness, etc. All these features make TC series popular in the global and national market.

CLT professionals will be on hand to advise visitors about the different use cases and give one-to-one demonstrations about TC series. Welcome to CLT office or ISLE 2020 to find the TC series. To schedule a private tour/demo or to book a meeting with one of the company’s product specialists, please contact