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Dare you be transparent?

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Release date:2018/06/26

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Transparency has become the target of various industries, especially in the technology industry. After many experiments, it is not until the appearance of the transparent back cover that we know "naked" is the best! The transparent back cover make it show all kinds of electronic components clearly, which is not only show its craftsmanship, but also recognize its own technology.

On May 6, 1998, Steve Jobs released the first blue translucent iMac: iMac G3 succeed to attract the attention of consumers. Launched after 6 weeks it sold out 278000 units, and by the end of that year, it sold more than 800000 units. So Apple was out of trough period directly, and broke their sales record, too.

On May 31, 2018, MIUI launched MIUI 8 transparent version in its eighth anniversary press event.Geek enthusiasts and MIUI fans were so excited that the smart-phone given a backless suit so the backside was transparent completely and present a hidden in the beauty of technology of the smart-phone inside.

Transparency is bound to become one of the goal trend in the development of science and technology.

CLT dare to break through themselves, and launch the world’s first fixed installation LED display that includes perspective system control box -- the second generation H series. It show a "black box" to the public, overturn by accident, but become a classic.

The original transparent back cover design adopts the dark brown box to show the whole product, which is unique in its own style. It is also matched with a frosted feel, subverts the traditional version and become a more novel appearance.

Displaying the core unreservedly is derived from CLT’s absolute confidence in the core technology of the LED industry, as well as the direct proof of the innovation results. This is innovative and bold in the LED industry.

Within the integrated system, in the same time, it has carried the bold innovation and optimization on the design and craftsmanship. When the power supply system is on front maintenance, it will maintain rapidly without barrier, so the operation is humanized.

In addition, the second generation H series includes below features:

1. Support front and rear installation;

2. Perspective control box without tool maintenance;

3. Module correction data storage;

4. Complete front and rear service for LED module and module control system;

5. Compatible with multiple pixel pitch: 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm.

Since the first generation H series products launched into the market, it has been created an outstanding achievement of surplus 20000 ㎡ area (the equivalent of 48 standard basketball court). On the basis of the first generation, gathering up the market requirements, adopting humanized design, the second generation product will become a classic in LED display industry.

CLT is a high-tech enterprise integrated in R&D, production, sales of LED displays, taking core values "integrity, innovation, excellence" as the guidance, we are striving to be world-class service provider for commercial displays!

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