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Live Broadcast of the Commercial LED Display

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Release date:2020/04/04

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According to the global covid-19 real-time query system released by the Johns Hopkins University ,by the 4 PM eastern time on April 2, the worldwide number of covid-19 cases has exceeded one million, reaching 1002,159. The number of deaths has exceeded 50 thousand, reaching51,485. And more than 200thousand cases were cured, about 208,949. Overseas outbreaks spiral out of control, and the economy also  grinds to a halt. No matter how serious the outbreak is, CLT isolate the virus but never distinct our customers.

As the COVID-19, we'd better not go out and stay far from others. During this time, watching live broadcast to get knowledge about something is a good way to spend the spare time. After the March 15, 2020, in the 13th anniversary of CLT, we have online live shared the first analysis of the LED display application. Again on April 8, CLT will launch the first overseas live broadcasting for overseas customers to provide professional solutions and products' operation training. This is a good chance to transfer information about led display to you. If you want to know more info, please contact Looking forward to your attendance.

Theme:《Commercial LED Display》

Beijing time: 4:00pm, 8th April 2020

Platform: Youtube

Keyword: led display