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Small is wonderful, the era of HD image is coming

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Release date:2017/08/23

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With the rapid development of information technology, we are entering a brand new era – the era of High Definition Image. The images are usually the most intuitive way of expression and communication and also the best experience to show and spread with the visual thinking in different angles and levels. Naturally the HD image era needs more effective carrier of the image information and then the small pixel LED screen emerged and soon became one of the best carriers of image transmission. The release of the CLT’s H series products announced the arrival of the era of HD image.

At present, the large size spliced LCD plays the major role of the market of indoor high definition display, but there are still some disadvantages that cannot be ignored such as the visible seam, low brightness, bad color rendition, etc., fortunately the small pixel LED screen is a perfect solution to these problems.

The H series product of CLT, with its features and benefits such as light weight, thin body, easy to install, seamless splicing and arc splicing, can suit various indoor environments; the H series also has the remarkable advantages of high contrast, excellent color rendition and high refresh rate, which can meet the strict requirements of live broadcasting and video conference system.


1. Infinite and seamless splicing2. Self heat dissipating design, ultra quiet operation3. Wide color gamut, uniform color, high contrast

4. Front and rear maintenance, high refresh rate, high gray scale, etc.


Front and rear maintenance

Wide color gamut and high color uniformity


Widely used in the command center, radio and television station, video conference room, exhibition hall, multi-functional hall and various other indoor environments.

Project case of H161


After many years dedication to research and innovation of LED technology, CLT now releases its revolutionary small pixel products–H series which will bring you extraordinary visual experience and take you into a new world of visual cognition.