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The opening ceremony of CLT R&D Building

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Release date:2017/08/23

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On  this  special  and  happy  day, after  careful  and  orderly  preparation, the CLT  research  and  development  building  launched. On  December 23rd, the opening  ceremony  of  CLT  research  and  development  building started in Lilang Road,Buji,Longgang District. Everyone was excited and the flags were flying. At that moment, CLT has entered and lead the standardization and regulation of Shenzhen LED industry.

The opening ceremony of the CLT R&D building,as one of 26 important projects in Longgang, Shenzhen, demonstrates that our company has stepped into the top of the LED manufacturing  industry. Standard, light and thin, low carbon  are the directions of our products, and our company actively leads and participates in the establishment of standardized criteria in the LED industry.