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Unintentionally Subverting, Actually Popularizing !

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Release date:2018/05/28

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CLT TR series have been deeply recognized and admired by lots of international and domestic clients since launched into market. Now our products are all over the world and achieve 20000sqm brilliant sales performance, it’s around 48 times standard basketball court size. For better User Experience, CLT group release H series A2 version (the 2nd generation TR series) product on 21st May 2018 - The first transparent indoor fixed installation LED display product. No desire to subvert, however become the classic! Create classic, keep innovation.

CLT H series A2 version

CLT H series A2 version is the first transparent indoor fixed installation LED display all over the world, simple, light, slim. Adopt complete front & rear service, excellent industrial design, transparent rear cover, wireless inner design and patented connection Pin. More stable, more intelligent, more transparent.

01_The first transparent fixed installation LED display

H series A2 version ——The first fixed installation LED display with transparent control box, Show the fabulous “BLACK BOX”to all the customers directly. Adopt tawny color, grit finish. Subvert traditional design and bring more novel appearance.

02_Complete front&rear service , simple and convenient

The H series A2 version upgrade the efficiency of front service from the 1st generation TR series. Easier operation to achieve quicker installation and save labor cost.

03_Intelligent LED module, calibration saving

The H series A2 version adopt data saving function to achieve LED module calibration saving. Save time and labor cost from 2nd time calibration after LED module replacement.

04_Power & control box front & rear service

The H series A2 version adopt brave innovation in design and technology. Achieve accessible and quick control box front service. Much more humanism design.

05_ Common platform that can be compatible with a variety of pixel

H series A2 version have H151, H161, H181E, H201, H251,H301 and many models, including P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2.0, P2.5, P3.0 and so on,Use the standardized size 480*480mm cabinet to achieve the effect of multi pixel space sharing platform, save time, labor and save money.

06_Simple, light, visible

H series A2 version cabinet is lighter, simpler and more beautiful, the thinness and weight are only 94% of the first version. The interior wireless design is more stable and reliable. It is the perfect embodiment of the design and technology.

Classic Case

Jilin High-end Retail Market "Magic" Creative

Yinchuan Airport


Macau Galaxy

CLT is a high-tech enterprise integrated in R&D, production, sales of LED displays, taking core values "integrity, innovation, excellence" as the guidance, we are striving to be world-class service provider for commercial displays!


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