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Small pitch visual show!

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Release date:2018/09/26

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At which moment are you?

Will it be attracted by an LED display?

Is it a colorful and beautiful visual picture?

Still unique, colorful and creative?

When you meet Colent

You don’t have to think about these issues.

Because in Colente, all this can satisfy you.

As the "Millet" in the LED display industry, CLT Colente provides its customers with "price-conscious, touching" products and services with its extremely high cost-effective ratio of LED small-pitch products. It wins customers with its wide range of successful application of various system cases. And the partners praise.

H Series

H Series——Cost-effective and fine pitch LED products

Front & Rear installation

Visible control box and tool-free for Control box

Calibration data storage

Full front & Rear maintenance for Led module/controlling system

Serialized compatible: 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2mm and 2.5mm pitch

HS Pro Series

HS Pro Series——Indoor high-end and fine pitch LED products

> Wireless connectors to transmit power and signal

> 16:9 golden ratio, supporting pixel-to-pixel play like FHD/2K/4K

> Dual power&data backup for stable and reliable running

> Intelligent LED module with calibration data saving function

> Landing protection function, anti-collision design


HQ-Series——Indoor light and thin all-front maintenance fine pitch LED products

> Ultra-light and ultra-thin with 42mm thickness and 7kg weight

> 16:9 golden ratio to play high-definition 2K/4K/8K

> Intelligent adjustment of brightness to fit environment

> Installed from front against the wall

> Electromagnetic compatibility designed with low radiation tomatch EMC class A/TUV-CE/ETL/FCC certificate criterion

CLT is a high-tech enterprise integrated in R&D, production, sales of LED displays, taking core values "integrity, innovation, excellence" as the guidance, we are striving to be world-class service provider for commercial displays!

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