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Ten years in five years, we go hand in hand!

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Release date:2018/10/17

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The 124th China Import and Export Fair was officially opened on October 15, 2018 at the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. As the only designated supplier of 10 years of LED display for the fifth consecutive year of the Canton Fair, CLT is on the way to accompany the Canton Fair smoothly. Ten years in five years, we go hand in hand!

CLT is the only designated supplier of LED display for ten consecutive years in the Canton Fair for the fifth time in the Canton Fair's middle platform, PDC design gallery, conference room No. 8, CPP exhibition area and other important areas, with its products smart, thin, Innovative functions such as energy saving have attracted the attention of many overseas customers!

As the only designated supplier of 10 years of LED display for the fifth consecutive year of the Canton Fair, CLT has been recognized by the Canton Fair organizers and overseas customers for its display performance and product quality. The customers and consultants who are interested in the products on the spot are in a constant stream of enthusiasm on the first day of the launch, becoming the most dazzling star of the Canton Fair!

Let's take a look at CLT's Canton Fair in a small series:

Canton Fair platform

As an important place for the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the performance of the show and the video display of the Chinese image, the Canton Fair platform needs to run stable, high-refresh, high-brightness and bright outdoor products. The CLT outdoor rental product CS series fully meets the requirements.

outdoor rental product CS series

Indoor/outdoor stage rental LED product CS-Series_Same stage, we can make it more splendid

> Magnetic type quick front and rear serviceable module

> Left/right/upper/lower interchangeable design for modules

> Tool free quick to dismantle design for control box of the system

> Landing protection design

> Electromagnetic compatibility design, low radiation,complying with EMC class A, TUV-CE, ETL and FCC certication standards

CPP floating table display area

In the CPP floating table display area, CLT exhibited two ingenious works – poster screen Xposter and LED mobile large screen Xboard. These two products break the traditional cumbersome engineering of traditional LED display with its ultra-thin, intelligent splicing, remote control management, real-time mobile location, custom adjustment of playback content, one-button operation, and plug-and-play functions. Installation, maintenance, debugging and other drawbacks.

X-Board 156〞

X-Board(2nd Generation)——Thinner, larger, lighter, smarter via portable

> Ultra-slim and light weight (thickness 35mm)

> Standard mobile 156″ LED screen

> Intelligent management

> User-level front maintenance, easy installation and disassembly

> All-day protection technology


X-Poster(2nd Generation)——Fashionable Ads catch the eyeballs

> Ultra-slim and light weight (thickness 35mm)

> Wide color range, high brightness

> Intelligent central management

> Multiple installation methods(Floor standing, wall-mounting and hanging)

> All-day protection technology

PDC Design Gallery

H Series

H Series——Cost-effective and fine pitch LED products

> Front & Rear installation

> Visible control box and tool-free for Control box

> Calibration data storage

> Full front & Rear maintenance for Led module/controlling system

> Serialized compatible: 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2mm and 2.5mm pitch

CLT is a high-tech enterprise integrated in R&D, production, sales of LED displays, taking core values "integrity, innovation, excellence" as the guidance, we are striving to be world-class service provider for commercial displays!

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