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Typhoon season, what to do to save your screen!

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Release date:2018/08/01

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On July 21, when West Pacific entered the height of this year's summer wind season, five typhoons (embryos) were active, and in such a harsh environment, CLT would like to tell you, what should you do to save your  LED screen?

Recently, during the "typhoon season," one typhoon after another, a future typhoon Wukong in the South China Sea, a new disturbance caused by the resurrection of typhoon Shanshen in the Beibu Gulf, and a typhoon Anbi in the East China Sea, and two typhoon embryos have a good structure in ocean area, for these, there are certain opportunities for development.

What would the loss of our LED display be in such a wet environment with heavy rain?

1、LED products belong to the humidity sensitive element, after unsealing, the product will absorb moisture slowly;

2、After the products absorbed moisture, instantaneous high temperature will easily lead to excessive internal stress of the device, moisture absorption saturation furnace will certainly appear a certain degree of stripping, burst, leading to product instability or invalidation, a number of months after the product  leaving factory, the batch of dead lights would appear, dark light will gradually become dead lights;

3、After the Electronic components, circuit board absorbed too much moisture, once they are in the reflux welding, wave soldering, it is easy to produce virtual soldering, resulting in an increase in the proportion of bad products, although after baking dehumidification, the situation can be improved, but baking will lead to the decrease of the performance of the components , which direct impact on product quality;

4、SMT solder paste contains "flux" . Because of the humidity in the air, flux is easily inhaled excessive moisture, the process is easy to fry tin.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the LED display can work steadily during the typhoon season, we must do good moisture-proof work. The following is a brief introduction of "how the display screen can easily cope with the wet environment" for the majority of users:

★Purchasing a good screen★

The first step in moisture-proof of LED screens is to make sure the screens are moisture-proof. Let’s see how the popular CLT is doing a good job of water-proof.

1、The storage time of unopened products with original packaging is not more than 6 months under the temperature of <30 C and <60%, and it must be rebaked when the storage time is over 6 months.

2、Please check the bag for air leakage and the change of color card before opening the package. If so, please bake in accordance with the following conditions;

3、After unpacking, the product should be stored in the environment of temperature < 30 ℃ and humidity < 60%, and be used within 2H as far as possible.(do all reflux processing)

4、We using the material while unpacking,  as far as possible to avoid the materials getting damped , to ensure the quality of products;

5、Having a good control of material’s first in-out control contributes to the material control and production tracking.

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