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World CUP, Handsome guys with Best display!

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Release date:2018/07/15

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The World Cup may be for the next four years. This is an exciting month for real fans, but maybe you are like me, a football idiot who can't understand the rules of football and can't tell the difference between the forward and defender.

But, So what? You can find a different visual feast in another angle to look The World-Cup.

Let’s review the previous World Cup together and the national team’s charming formal suits.

The image was taken before competition this year.

Next, let’s take a look at the absolute superstars on the court.

Leonel Messi

Team: Argentina

Height: 1.7 meters

Weight: 72 kg

Shirt number: 10

Position on the field: Forward

Cristiano Ronaldo

Team: Portugal

Height: 1.85 meters

Weight: 80 kg

Shirt number: 7

Position on the field: Forward

Harry Kane

Team: England

Height: 1.88 meters

Weight: 98 kg

Shirt number: 9

Position on the field: Forward

Antoine Griezmann

Team: France

Height: 1.74 meters

Weight: 72 kg

Shirt number: 7

Position on the field: Forward

James Rodríguez

Team: Colombia

Height: 1.8 meters

Weight: 75 kg

Shirt number: 10

Position on the field: Midfield

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Team: Brazil

Height: 1.75 meters

Weight: 68 kg

Shirt number: 10

Position on the field: Forward

Of course, watching a handsome guy can't leave a handsome screen, otherwise your handsome guys will become like this:

CLT 156” Movable LED big Display, Make your World-cup unique.

At the same time, the 156-inch mobile large screen also has the following features:

1、Ultra-thin (35mm), simple and curved design

2、Support Android mobile phone and Intelligent terminal wireless interactive operation.

3、2K smart TV function, high contrast with 6000:1.

4、Support HDR display, shows clearly details, experience more realistic viewing.

5、User-level front-maintenance, plug-and-play 0 setting, quick and easy.

6、Support floor l and wall mounting and display.

7、All day protection technology to achieve anti-xenon lamp, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-radiation, wear-resistant, efficient heat dissipation and other functions;

8、Easy to install and disassemble, can be transported by elevator.

9、Support Office system operation playback.

10、Support silent operation, no noise.

11、Slim frame with multiple colors can be chosen.

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