World-Class Commercial LED Display Supplier - CLT LED Technology
A) Solution Features:

1) Large viewing angle, high contrast (3000:1), high brightness (adjustable), high gray scale, high refresh rate, soft & realistic image.

2) No noise, low power consumption, low EMI, long lifespan.

3) 16bit broadcast level gray processing, 3200HZ refresh rate.

4) Pixel-to-pixel calibration on brightness/color to reach perfect gray scale effect and high color rendition.

5) The module is fixed with strong magnetic, tool-free for maintenance.

6) Die-casting aluminum structure to realise high-precision seamless effect and good heat dissipation.

7) Reach noise-free effect with fanless design.

8) Cabinets are easy to transport and assemble for its ultra-light weight.

9) Support a variety of high-fidelity signal synchronization processing by connecting professional video stitching processing system.

10) connecting the cabinets by special buckle structure, which achieves quick maintenance without any other tools.

B) Applications

Widely used in indoor military aerospace command, traffic security monitoring and dispatching, radio and television media, video conference, city planning exhibition and other different indoor places.

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System framework:
System Diagram
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