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X-Board 170〞

Ultra slim, big screen size, light in weight, intelligent design. New ideal moveable LED display.

Commercial LED Display
Moveable standard 170〞 big size LED display

adopt standard 170〞 screen size

High resolution, high refresh rate and high gray scale

Ultra slim, the thickness is 35mm only

The LED display body adopt 16:9 perfect industrial design, show the beauty of simplicity

Commercial LED Display

Wireless interactive operation

Up to 14 interfaces are set on the right side of X-board

Mobile phone APP operation is available

supports the wireless interactive operation of Android mobile phones and smart terminals

uses multiple signal sources to input, with the remote controller can operate easily

Commercial LED Display
2K intelligent TV function

supports 2K intelligent TV function

high contrast up to 6000:1, also support HDR

The frame of X-borad is portable with curve design pedestal

Commercial LED Display
User-level maintenance

The second-generation LED mobile large-screen module and power supply are both user-level front maintenance

plug and play, zero-setting

quick and easy

Commercial LED Display
Thin frame,multiple color options

The second LED mobile large screen with thin frame of various

can be more perfect match the application scene

break through the traditional and colorful

Commercial LED Display
Silent operation, High protection grade

Supporting through Office software operation and play

Quiet running

All-day protection; And anti-knock lamp, radiation protection, moisture, anti-static, wear-resistant, efficient heat dissipation and etc.

Commercial LED Display
Multiple installation methods

Supporting floor stand and Fix installation,Quickly assembled

can be transported by elevator, Easy to install and disassemble

suitable for multiple applications

Commercial LED Display

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